My Story

Welcome! Wickless, flamless candles, safe around dogs and children, and amazing scents- that's Scentsy! The warmers are unique and gorgeous, and the competitors really can't compare to Scentsy's amazing smells (trust me- I've tried them!). This product truly sells itself!
I had been a buyer of Scentsy for years, buying from a fellow Army-wife and dear friend. I finally decided to make the leap into selling the very product that I've thoroughly enjoy in our home, and I joined her team. It's been a great decision!

As a stay-at-home-mom, it has allowed me to bring in a little extra income for our family while still being at home to care for and school our wee ones. I can't be more thrilled about that! So far, my paychecks have paid for a small trip to Disney World! Such a blessing :)
Please feel free to message me with questions, comments, or about Hosting a party or even Joining my Team.
God bless,